Handle your fresh tattoo with CLEAN hands ONLY!

DO NOT remove your bandage until you are going to wash your fresh tattoo. Within 1-4 hours remove bandage. Wash your fresh tattoo thoroughly with antibacterial soap and as hot of water as you can stand (avoid scented soaps, they are safe to use but can cause
excessive irritation) Continue running the fresh tattoo under the hot water for roughly 10mins (Usually in the shower is best)
This promotes all of the excess proteins and plasma that make the scabbing to be washed away before they start to form.

ALWAYS wash your fresh tattoo in RUNNING water NEVER soak or submerge your fresh tattoo in standing water. Your fresh tattoo should NEVER be in contact with HOT TUBS, LAKES, RIVERS, ETC.

After the FIRST wash, DO NOT let your tattoo come in contact with water for more than 5-10 minutes until all scabbing has been shed. ANY time your healing tattoo comes in contact with water, gently dab it dry with a clean towel and let it air out for at least 5-10 mins to avoid excess moisture getting trapped under the ointment. The
tattoo will heal best with as much air to it as possible.

To avoid heavy scabbing or cracking during healing use Aquaphor as SPARINGLY AS POSSIBLE. DO NOT USE ANTIBACTERIAL OINTMENT. If any “pooling” occurs gently wipe away any excess Aquaphor that hasn’t been absorbed. Use Aquaphor as you would use lotion, DO NOT USE TOO MUCH.
DO NOT SCRATCH OR ITCH. It is important for the tattoo to peel as naturally as possible to ensure pigment stays trapped in the skin permanently. Avoid excess irritation or rubbing during healing as this will prolong the healing process.

Once all of the scabbing is gone the tattoo is healed and will no longer require to be washed or ointment to be applied as a healing tattoo. It is now healed and “locked” into the skin. It may have a cloudy or dry appearance for a few days, this is normal. You may use moisturizing lotion to make the tattoo appear brighter. AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT ALWAYS.
USE SUNBLOCK WHILE IN THE SUN as this will fade the tattoo