Basic Info

Where is the shop located?
We are located at 221 Dewey Ave. Suite C, upstairs on the left side of the building.

How long have you been tattooing?
12 years of professional tattooing and I love every minute of it!

What styles or types of tattoos do you offer?
Any style you want! I like all styles, large or small, color or black and grey.

Do you offer piercing?
We do not offer piercing at this time. I highly recommend The Temple Decor in Kalispell.

Do you provide aftercare products?
We have aftercare products available for purchase in the shop. Clothing and hats are available as well.

Do you have numbing ointment?
We do have numbing ointment available upon request.

How can I pay?
We accept cash, Facebook Pay and all credit and debit cards.

How much does a tattoo cost?
Our minimum charge is $50. We also have Full-Day rates available as well as punch cards.

For most single session projects, we can give you a fairly accurate price quote. Multiple session projects come with a discounted hourly rate.

As a Tattoo collector myself I charge how I would like to be charged when I get tattooed.